AusChem WA

Record Keeping

Accurate record keeping helps promote best practice and leads to better results that will benefit a grower's business. Records can equip growers to make better decisions on product selection and performance, assist in determining what went wrong if a product did not perform as expected and help a grower to avoid costly mistakes.

Here are templates of records sheets referred to in AusChem WA courses. These are Word documents that you may download to your computer and modify as necessary for your own business.

It is a legal requirement to keep these records and documents:

These records are not required by law but are important for OH & S, quality assurance, insurance and general best practice:


Each workplace also requires written procedures for the safe use of chemicals, to report on chemical use and what to do in emergency situations. Procedures let staff know clearly what they need to do in chemical handling situations and to communicate what has been done to management, other staff and, in some cases, external bodies such as government departments, Worksafe etc. The Risk Assessment Checklist may assist growers to analyse potential hazards in chemical use activities and prepare safe procedures. Risk assessments done on the job also alert management to changes in procedures that may be necessary.

Everyone in the workplace needs to be made aware of company procedures in induction and training sessions and to be advised of any changes that may occur.