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Under the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework and AusChem WA’s agreements with Registered Training Organisations, AusChem WA has in place various policies relating to accreditation, recognition of prior learning, training and privacy.


AusChem WA has a policy and process to allow course participants to challenge assessment decisions and should inform learners of the grounds for appeal. Before lodging an appeal, you are encouraged to discuss your results with your trainer.

The appeal should contain:

  • Details of the grounds upon which the appeal is being made
  • Any supporting evidence

All appeals must be lodged in writing to: AusChem Training WA, Po Box 1003, Bentley DC, WA, 6985, no later than 32 days from the official notification of results.


AusChem WA recognises individual needs of students in relationship to literacy and numeracy skills and cultural differences in the learning and assessment programme. There is a numeracy and literacy requirement for AusChem courses. Please advise us in advance of the course if you require assistance or please ask your lecturer.


If you are seeking advanced standing on the basis of a qualification received from other Registered Training Organisations, AusChem WA’s participating Registered Training Organisations will recognise that qualification under the principles of Mutual Recognition.


AusChem WA is committed to ensuring the privacy of any information you provide to us. Your name, address and contact details are kept by AusChem WA and the Registered Training Organisation, if applicable, so that you can receive your Statement of Attainment or Statement of Reaccreditation. The Registered Training Organisation provides to the government statistical information from the enrolment form without identifying your name.

Your contact details are used by AusChem WA and its trainers to advise you when your AusChem accreditation is expired. From time to time AusChem WA also has requests from resellers about an individual’s accreditation status. If you do not wish us to reveal this information, please let us know. You can gain access to the information on you stored on our data base by contacting AusChem WA on 0402 611 290.



AusChem WA policy is that accreditation is valid for a period of 5 years. It is then necessary to renew the accreditation which will be valid for a further 5 years.  If more than 5 years have passed since the original training and accreditation and chemical users have not taken a re-accreditation program in the interim, you are encouraged to contact AusChem WA.  We can assist you with re-accreditation or new programs that will demonstrate competence and provide accreditation aligning with current industry standards and in a way that is acceptable under the Australian Quality Training Framework.


These chemical users can now complete:

AusChem WA's 1-day reaccreditation courses  to complete the requirements for renewal of the accreditation.

Complete the 2-day accreditation course, Risk Management in Pesticide Use, or

  • Talk to the AusChem WA office about taking Risk Management in Pesticide Use online
  • Apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (see below).

For more information please contact AusChem WA office on 0402 611 290.


RPL/RCC recognises what you have already learned from other courses, other life experiences, from work experience and from any training provided at work, and measures it against the course or module you are doing or want to do. If what you have learned at work or elsewhere has given you experience that is relevant to the course, you may not have to do those parts of the course again. This option may involve a farm visit. The cost involved for RPL is a minimum of $650 and final charges depend on distance and assessor time. Contact the AusChem WA office on 08 9359 4118 for more details.


Registration and payment, or issuing by AusChem WA of an invoice in payment, is required no less than 3 working days prior to course commencement. After payment by the registrant, or issuing of an invoice by AusChem WA for payment for a registrant, if the course is cancelled for any reason or the registrant fails to attend the course there is no refund. He or she may attend another AusChem WA course at similar cost at another venue in the next 12 months.


While AusChem WA uses reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this web site, it makes no representations as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of that information. In using this web site, you agree that its information and services are provided "as is, as available" without warranty, express or implied, and that you use this site at your own risk.