AusChem WA


What You'll Learn at a AusChem Training WA Course

AusChem Training WA training courses assist you to manage risks associated with chemical use, and to understand your obligations in the areas of duty of care, quality assurance and environmental management.

On a practical level you’ll learn how to improve your integrated pest management programmes, to better choose the right chemical for the job and to apply it more accurately.

Care is taken to ensure that you understand how to calibrate spray equipment, and to how to ensure safe working conditions for your workers, your family and yourself. You’ll also be shown the importance of on-farm policies and procedures and the value of record keeping.

AusChem Training WA Courses

Using Chemicals Safely An entry level programme designed for students, apprentices and people who use chemicals only under close supervision.  

Risk Management in Pesticide Use Essential chemical-use training for owner-managers and workers. This is AusChem Training WA’s accreditation course designed for workers who spray without supervision.  There are two versions which reflect different chemical issues and equipment - one for growers producing food/fibre for human consumption, the other for workers who spray weeds in the general environment.

Reaccreditation Course To maintain AusChem Training WA accreditation after 5 years and bring chemical users up to date on best practice in risk management in farm chemical use.  Get up to date with latest label instructions requiring that applicators perform legal applications.