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Cattlecare – a quality assurance programme for producers during the many stages of livestock production.


Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development – comprehensive information on all agricultural matters in WA.


Efficient Farming is a one-stop website of news and agricultural information where growers can customise their own links to areas of special interest. AusChem WA course dates are also listed in the Trials and Information section.


SafeFarms WA - aims to improve health and safety of the agricultural community through training workshops and information.


Flockcare – on-farm quality assurance programme to assist growers meet the expected standards for lambs and mutton sheep for slaughter, live sheep sales, exports and sheepskins.


SDS's – search for and download chemical material safety data sheets.


WA Q Lamb - is a local lamb production and marketing initiative to supply high quality, low fat prime lamb.


Worksafe - is a division of the Department of Mines, Industry and Regulation Safety.  The state government agency in Western Australia responsible for the administration of work safety and health laws.


AusChem WA's sponsors include:

Bayer Cropscience

Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development


Syngenta Crop Protection